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    ufnp members

    High-power THz time domain spectroscopy and e-beam lithography system.
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    UFNP group photo

    Collaboration meeting @ CBNU
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    selected front cover paper

    A new paper is selected as the inside front cover paper of the journal "Advanced optical materials, Vol.8, Issue.3" !!!
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    We are looking for undergraduate interns! Please apply now!
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Welcome to the Laboratory for Ultrafast & Nanoscale Plasmonics!!



Our lab is selected for the 2021 AICP !

July 27, 2021 - NEWS

We will start the research about "Inverse Design of Nano-Photonic Device with Artificial Intelligence" with undergraduate students from 8/1. Let's study hard!



We are looking for students (masters, doctoral, undergraduate interns) who will work together in our laboratories. contact us

In spring...